So. My first passle post;  I have never really been an avid user of social media, mainly because I have always believed that chattering about what I get up to really wouldn't be much much on an invigorating read.  However, I am going to take my first step and see how this goes.

A short bio about who I am might help to put my thoughts that I hope to share into perspective, so here it is; I'm Phil, I am 25, 206cm tall, 125kg and call myself a yachtsman if you asked what I do for work.  I was fortunate to be given a chance to sail for a maxi 72' yacht called Alegre in 2014 on the recommendation of a friend and haven't looked back since.  

Growing up I focused most of my sporting efforts on rowing up until the age of 21; I had a fantastic journey but unfortunately my body did not appreciate the sport quite as much as I did which meant I needed a change of sport.  

I had always joked since a teenager that It would be amazing to be a grinder on one of those Americas cup (AC) boats that I saw on tv; at 21 I wasn't quite ready just to give up on sporting dreams just yet.  I had done some dingy sailing when I was younger but considering the other grinders I would be competing against for sports were world champion sailors in their own right I knew I had to focus on the one thing that might be able to give me a chance, physicality.  From 2012 to 2014 I gained around 38kg of muscle getting up to a maximum of 131kg before I slimmed back down to 125kg.  I became far stronger than I had dreamed of while rowing and found out this was actually pretty handy for doing any tests on the rowing machine under 500m!

As I previously mentioned one of the team managers for a maxi 72' sailing yacht game me a chance to sail during a training week on a recommendation.  With the reduction in the size and number of grinders required for the current Americas cup campaigns there is a fantastic selection of talented grinders available for racing in the maxi 72' and other fleets, so for an inexperienced 23 year old  to be given a chance I knew I was pretty lucky.  As the season went on it turned out that being my size is quite useful for winding winches; which was handy because I had spent quite a few hours in the gym to get there!

Coming back to the article that really kicked me into action with this passle; Ben Ainslie Racing (BAR) winning the first AC world series event of 2016.  The team uses the concept 2 rowing machine (ergo) in training and testing of the athletes; the ergo has to be one of the toughest fitness tests out there, it is used by different professional sports all over the globe and BAR's choice to use this tool will hopefully continue their winning ways for the coming season.  The small amount of rowing I have been doing on the ergo recently has reminded me of what an amazing tool for building fitness it is!

Although I seem to have rattled on for quite a time here I am hoping my future passles might be somewhat more down to the point now you know a little about me.

Adios...for now