My younger sister Alice Graves is completing a Positive Psychology Masters and naturally looking for the positive in the current situation.  When talking to her this morning she drew the analogy with Mother Nature having put us - her errant children - on the naughty step to give us time to think about why we’ve ended up here.  It's a 'time out' to think about how we are living our lives, how we are working, how we spend our time and perhaps most importantly the effect of our lives on the planet.  The human race will come through this pandemic but Mother Nature and the planet will not pull through and continue to sustain us if we don't change our ways.  It's a sobering thought and sobering times.  Change is always scary but - whether we like it or not -  perhaps the impact of COVID-19 on climate change going forward might well be the only, but very significant, silver lining.... Stay safe everyone x