It's interesting to see that KPMG have made significant changes to their graduate recruitment process, in order to adapt to what graduates want, in pursuit of the top talent. This means that the candidate will know in only a few days whether they have the job, and potentially it means that KPMG avoid losing the best talent to their competitors. But it makes me think that it will be interesting to see what the retention rate is on this. Whilst time kills deals, going through a recruitment process for a couple of weeks does give both the candidate and the company the opportunity to check that they are the right cultural fit for each other. Ultimately, this is key to retention of talent and productivity, and thus success of the business. 

Simultaneously, Goldman Sachs have scrapped interviews on campus and Deloitte have made the university that a candidate attended invisible to the recruiter. Unconscious bias creeps in all the time, and today more than ever, judging someone on the university they went to may not be the only, or the right way, to get the best talent. It will be interesting to see what the rest of the Big 4 and the investment banks do to the time frame of their recruitment process.