Watching Catch Me If You Can last night triggered the sick feeling that was similar to when Lance Armstrong admitted his use of sports enhancing drugs or the continual bans in sprinting. Nike, Rupp, Salazar are all reasons we take to the track in the rain. However am I really that bothered or surprised? Whilst the BBC program clearly documented the high profile cases it failed to acknowledge the level of doping in semi-professional racing, even though the presenter undertook a doping experiment himself. The recent 'CYCLING INDEPENDENT REFORM COMMISSION' report details that "doping in amateur cycling is becoming endemic" and coupled with my sport (triathlon) where 1 in 7 Ironman competitors are also doping leaves you slightly less surprised to hear that the pro's are cheating. I am sitting in London waiting for a meeting right now, my legs are still exhausted from track on Tuesday, would I rub a cream on that would allow me to be fresh for track tonight? No. I love running because of the personal dedication, satisfaction from drilling myself in a training session and achievement from satisfying a goal. Importantly this ethic can be translated into my business life too.

I hope the claims are not true however I think it is the reality of our sport today where even at a semi-pro level sponsorship is available, the pressure from these sponsors are contributing to an 'at all costs' culture .

I look forward to a further investigation into the semi-pro level and hopefully make our sport clean.