Out of the box and off the wall marketing ideas don't just save you money but help you stand out in a busy landscape.

Speaking at conferences is one of the best opportunities to reach a large audience with minimum effort. I very rarely speak at an event and not have a queue of people wanting to follow-up. Whilst (I hope) a lot of this is down to the content it is also because it helps break the ice, when the talks are over networking begins and the easiest go to person is a speaker. Try it.

To my second point, cost. Whilst speaking slots at large conference are expensive there are 100's of Meetups happening each week. As an organiser of one myself the hardest part is finding speakers. Speaking at a Meetup Provides a great opportunity for an engaged audience (you probably wouldn't attend a Monday night event if you weren't interested) and opportunity to valid your proposition in several markets. There are several other easy key preparation techniques to ensure an efficient and successful speaking slot.