I have been surprised to discover that some of the major law firms are attempting to differentiate their brand through content that has been purchased from a third party.

I then came across the Raconteur article with a quote from Jamie White (Overture') highlighting the importance of authentic and consistent content.

It makes you wonder why a firm packed full of knowledgeable experts would use content that when searched in Google appears on another 7 firm's sites!

It comes down to time and even more relevant in an industry where time is quantified so rigorously such as law and finance. I came across an example of a successful VC, The Fintech Collective, in New York who have managed to curate regular, authentic and timely content and become the 'go-to' VC in their niche. Their success as been through distribution of a weekly newsletter. The Muse have even cited them as a way to keep up to date with FinTech news in a recent article. This success as resulted in appearing at the top of related Google searches and well established brand in the market place.

Some really interesting views around how to plan a content marketing strategy however the general theme from experts such as Jamie is the importance of authentic and timely content.