This is an example of a plan coming together....I have been friends with Ken since we trained for IronmanUK in 2011. From 5 years of training and friendship I do not know many more dedicated, talented and mentally tough individuals either in work or sport.

A year ago we sat in our office one evening and noticed an invitation on Cycling Weekly to join a team attempting to break the human powered land speed record. This is Ken's specialism. One year on since being selected Ken is relaxing in San Francisco having smashed the Record.

To put this in context, the original record stood at 67mph and Ken managed 75mph on bike, unassisted.

We are both fortunate to be supported by Spokes of Bagshot, a local cycling team who have partnered with Giant UK. The engineers behind this project were the ULV Team from Liverpool University, also the home of lead sponsor Rathbones. Ken was the engine propelling the recumbent bike through the Nevada desert at Battle Mountain.

Having witnessed this team build a credible and reputable brand over the last year I could not be happier for them. With a years experience and the engine (Ken) to reach world record speeds the question remains: will they be back next year?

Lots of great footage can be found here. The expert view of Ken is also document through his website or the team website.