Jon Snow provides an authentic insight into his own use of blogging and twitter through digital storytelling. 

Interestingly Jon is very upfront about the fear to journalists of the digital age cannibalising their industry however he points out that the masses still want expert mediators of the ever growing online content.

Within this global mass of information the individual is becoming even more valuable because of the large volume available and brands providing ever closer brochure content. Jon rightly points out that we are more interested in a digital eyeball contact with the expert individuals to understand what change they have brought about rather than a corporate brand. This really is no different to a normal relationship in person, the ease of the internet just provides more opportunities to meet more people. 

Importantly Jon points out that twitter is not about 140 characters but links. The analogy is leading people to water, the water being your valuable content. 

Finally Jon indicates that for a busy individual like himself he scans Twitter 10-15 minutes a day on the bus, tube for interesting links. It appears Twitter is a perfect aggregator of content and therefore sharing links to your expert-led and quality content is best practice. I would also add that building a true personality on twitter is useful i.e. Jon mentions his interests in hobbies besides journalism. 

The entire MediaTrust UK YouTube channel is packed with great video content, I suggest having a peak.