In some ways Snapchat, Facebook Live or Periscope lead the way for virtual reality. 

As an SPG member and 'Millennial' I have been surprised that SPG have not followed their competitors in adopting the Snapchat platform with an account for influencing an audience. Hotel chains are certainly moving towards the use of VR for their clients and the use of apps such as Snapchat will help to pilot. 

As SPG boasts below, they are typically an early adopter and quite rightly cautious to put resource into a new channel that might not fit the overall strategy. The use of filters will certainly take advantage of their guests networks however. 

This is an important example of not necessarily following the herd if the trend does not fit your target audience. SPG do offer a premium service that they may have calculated will not be reached through the Snapchat platform vs alternative use of resources. I would argue that their future client pipeline certainly are using Snapchat and utilising influencers to broadcast from their account would add value.