This week SkySports hosted an interview with Mo Farah, 4 time Olympic Gold Medalist. Running up to the interview the SkySports team invited twitter users to Ask Mo Farah questions with the hashtag #AskFarah....

You only need to have a look at a few examples alongside this post or search twitter to see this hashtag was mainly hijacked and used for doping related questions. 

Unsurprisingly when the interview was aired none of these questions were discussed. Since the the failure of the hashtag was not mentioned I cannot imagine this was planned and rather an oversight. 

As mentioned below a backup plan is important however you can limit these issues through choosing the right hashtag initially. RiteTag is a great tool for helping choose your chosen tag. 

Beyond this it is important to be cautious when contributing to hashtags for your own brand reputation, whether individual or company. Being part of the #askfarah timeline is probably not going to aid your brand.