Walking through Heathrow Airport this morning I couldn’t help notice the SAP HANA advertisement spanning 30m of real estate between Chanel and Paul Smith.

The advertisement is made up of three panels including McLaren F1, NHL and Under Armour. 

The advertisement is an excellent example of B2B Hero Content:

  1. Timely - Once every four years the global community are engaged with sport through our Olympians and Paralympians'. Using timely event specific content enables a wider audience to engage with your brand at specific moments in time. 
  2. Authenticity and Personalisation - Using popular brands as part of the content allows a connection to a broad audience. It is far easier to understand the application when compared to Formula1 or Under Armour rather than simply describing the functional application .This enables the brand SAP to become more familiar to potential end users. 
  3. Relevant - SAP have numerous case studies to choose but given the location within an airport they have catered brilliantly through connecting North American clients specifically with NHL, global partners through McLaren F1 and a very broad audience with the growing global Under Armour brand. 

I imagine the majority of visitors to Heathrow do not register the specifics of the content or even know what SAP HANA is but they have now been acquainted with the SAP brand alongside some easily connected topics.