In the week GoPro launched the Hero5 and spectacular drone 'Karma' and Snapchat (now renamed 'Snap') have disclosed their Google Glass lookalike sunglasses. 

At a fraction of the price these will retail later this year for $100 and allow users to record 30 seconds of video content from their own perspective. 

Remembering Snap turned down an acquisition by Facebook earlier this year and then subsequently saw Instagram release a very similar update to the entire Snap application, this is another step in this race. 

With Facebook timelines delivering 360 degree panoramic views and video through Facebook Live, Snap are now delivering point of view content. I wonder whether this will be available to post directly into Facebook?

Founder Spiegel has warned these will be in limited availability and I would image they are a pilot to understand the uptake. I think we might struggle here in the UK to obtain much use during most months of the year! 

Exciting to see another option to deliver your video content online.