One of the key issues facing any new technology is adoption and justifying the cost of licenses through user engagement.

The need for internal knowledge collaboration and sharing is becoming more prominent than ever as workplaces start to change due to more employees working from home, in community spaces or remotely thanks to advances in technology. VR will move this forward again. 

Over a month ago Slack responded to Microsoft’s launch of Teams with a full-page advice letter in the New York Times (you can read it here)

Now Facebook have enhanced their platform Workplace further for custom integrations. The landscape is looking to become even more competitive. 

With 1bn users on Facebook worldwide and the Workplace interface also matching that of the social version it would suggest Facebook are going to very quickly gain the user engagement edge.

Microsoft will certainly lead the edge on price as Teams is free for an Office365 subscriber. 

The go-to market strategy for Slack just became more complex!