Providing insight to your clients is a key part of any online sales or 'social selling' tactic. As Malin Liden (SAP Social Selling Global Lead and VP Experience) mentions below, it is important to understand what your target audience is looking for i.e. if you sell a cyber security product but your prospective client is searching, commenting, sharing data centre content it is probably not the right target to put all your energy into. 

With this in mind how can you gain a quick (free!) insight into your target clients:

1. Tweetdeck (here) - I highly recommend downloading (setup is seconds) and then create different columns based on interests, using the magnifying glass on the left panel. For example 'SAP Social Selling' (how I found this article). 

2. Google Alerts (here) - A similar idea but instead of searching Twitter, Google Alerts searches....Google. You can have everything filtered by source, region, language etc. Perhaps a key client target and topic such as 'Coca-Cola Cyber Security' will pick up online conversations from the right person internally.  

Both approaches fit well for account based marketing focused organisations. Beyond these options, starting to track what your users are doing on your site can become extremely interesting, especially if you do offer more than one product. 

Whilst this technology falls into the busy world of 'marketing automation' I would recommend talking with your marketing team first. There is often legacy technology in large firms that is being under utilised, probably because it never gained traction in the first instance and just a glorified email marketing tool now.