Spending Sunday moving between various banking, investment and document apps for personal finance made me wonder what the future is for businesses or even the accountancy firms themselves. 

London Technology Week kicks off next week (more info here) and whilst I was surprised to only see two accounting based events they are organised by Xero so likely to be quite good. 

Getting amongst the crowd is always a good way to start learning more about a topic (alongside Google Alerts!), here are the two events:

Artifical Intelligence and its Impact on Accountancy:

Artificial Intelligence is revolutionising the way the world works and how data is used. There is no question that AI is being hyped up at every opportunity, but how much is it actually being used, and what is the long-term potential?

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The Financial Web: Its Function and its Future:

Many financial institutions are working hard to try to keep up with disruptive competitors, as tech-savvy banks and fintech innovators eat into traditional banking markets – and with it, profits.

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