Best in class sales organisations create an environment for their sales teams and supporting departments to thrive. 

I recently heard of a FitBit club that focuses on whether the internal team are putting time into their personal wellbeing since this has correlations to increased business performance. The same CEO is now finding a way to increase the number of books his team reads (enter Passle...). 

You can download a template here that maps out my personal sales playbook that can then be used for your organisation. Another public playbook worth reviewing can be found in Marc Benioff's Behind The Cloud

So what are the key components to consider when pulling your playbook together? Here are mine:

  • Company Focus - Questions for your leadership team to answer
  • Operations - These are the line of the pitch to play your business within:
    • Facetime
    • Nurture
    • Why should I log meeting notes?
    • Content is a product of listening to your client
    • Events
    • If you are a goal keeper don't practice corners
    • How do you measure success?
    • Wake up and read a report
    • Think Big and Get Excited
    • Sales is a team sport
    • Preparation is the majority of a positive outcome
    • Credibility and confidence
    • Premium
    • Always get a time in the diary
    • Review
  • Additional notes

Enjoy and as always, I welcome any feedback!

You can download the template here.