I had the pleasure of sitting down with the master of financial services content and consulting, David Brear, to understand how to create a winning podcast. Here is a summary:

  • The podcast started after listening to the issues of clients during meetings and simply realised that other people could get help hearing these problems - a podcast was a good way to reach a broad group.
  • David believes that every company needs to be a media company to build differentiation. By doing so it allows them to deliver a message when they are not there and knowing the right people are listening to it.
  • Having the podcast allows people to know the tone of the company (11:FS) before they get there. For this reason they often send the podcast ahead of the meeting.
  • His tip for people creating their first podcast is to not force it and be organic (David recommends listening to their first few recordings!).
  • For the first 10-20 do not worry about distribution.
  • Leave the mistakes in, it feels more honest! People also listen to people they like.
  • The subject matter is the back drop and think about hosts and structure. Tone is important. David and the team pride themselves on being friends and if you listen you can instantly hear that.
  • Be selfless, it is not about you. Make it about the guests, get the best out of the guest and enable them to share the knowledge.
  • In order to create great content, David says; entertain, inform and inspire!
  • Remember that your podcast is competing with people’s valuable time, it is an interruption.
  • For equipment 11:FS use Rhodes NT1-A (microphone), Canon 3D, 4Ds and Blackmagic Cameras.
  • Don’t forget to put in the hard yards…

It was great chatting to David, his approach very much mirrors the best practice to any content in terms of leveraging genuine experts in a timely manner to engage the people that matter.

Here are two of the top 11:FS podcasts:

Fintech Insider https://fi.11fs.com/

Insuretech Insider https://ii.11fs.com/

If you think this could be of interest I am sure David and his team would be delighted to chat further!