During this podcast I chat with Dan about how he has enabled distributed leadership within his cycling team to drive world class results. Distributed leadership replaces the traditional command and control structure in organisations where by you create an environment for people to lead in their specific role to drive the overall strategy and goals. It is imperative for the organisation to provide the best infrastructure, tools and training for the people to feel empowered and run their area of the organisation.

Dan has built the most successful trade tack team, HuubWattbike, represented Great Britain at the World Championships, England at the Commonwealth Games, won multiple world cups and national titles. 

During the podcast Dan draws parallels with business and also shares his tips on how you can enable a world class leadership setup.

This video is also a great insight into the success of his work. 

You can keep up to date with Dan and his team here:

Twitter: @DanBiggles22 and @HuubWattbike Instagram: @danbigglesLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danbigham/Website: https://www.shopforwatts.co.uk/