Great session this morning at LMA Mid-Atlantic Regional event where Nicole Contardo (McDermott Will & Emery), Amanda Schneider (Epstein Becker & Creen) and Rebeca Ervin (Arnold & Porter) provided an expert insight into business winning marketing campaigns. I particularly liked the deep dive into a successful legal marketing campaign and here are some key takeaways:

1. Be in the room - bring all those involved in the process into the room to discuss the topic of campaign, most importantly the attorneys since they know what their clients' needs are. Discuss trends, hot topics, business opportunities to put together a robust campaign outline:

2. Set goals - decide what these are before you launch so measurement can be achieved. This might be a combination of brand, new clients, existing clients engaged etc

3. Define your audience for the campaign to reach - size of firm, specific individuals. You must do this with the attorneys

4. Research - What are others doing in this space, including other law firms

PAUSE - At this point go back to that original group in step 1 and share the outlines of this plan to review before progressing

5. Budget - preferably take a top down approach so there are no constraints that a bottom up approach might bring

6. Promotional mix  - how will you bring this to market and what channels

7. Project plan - define who does what and when. Make sure this is communicated

8. Define the intake and follow-up process- work hand in hand with BD on the follow-up process. This is extremely key. Agree on when leads will be handed to lawyers. Make sure that you only send high quality leads so that the lawyers do really follow-up

9. Internal external rollout - make sure your lawyers and associated teams know what the campaign is about so if approached they know what information to provide and plan

10. Monitor and measure -  most important element and make sure the feedback goes to the lawyers!