This brilliant article in the Times looks at how leading employers are increasingly looking after their employees mental wellbeing. I really agree with Holly Price's comments below of Engaging Works with regards to building a healthy working environment. 

Building on these, here are 4 areas that I believe are important to promote in the workplace:

  • Loneliness - how connected are your employees? Studies show that those who are lonely become more depressed and those that are more connected become less depressed. Loneliness leads to depression. People need community. Can you positively impact this? Does agile working actually have a negative impact?
  • Control over your work - High degree of control on your work leads to less depression.  This leads to outside of work too. So when people don’t have autonomy their life is not full and just feel shattered (going home and not enriching themselves further).  Whilst not everyone can lead the business, you can certainly provide degrees of control
  • Disempowerment - happens when there is a lack of balance between efforts and rewards.  It is at the heart of poor health - physical, mental and emotional. The signal that is received by an employee is 'I am irrelevant and no one cares'. How are you balancing efforts/reward?
  • Lack of goals and direction - Sense of a positive future protects you. If life is bad today you can at least see the overall positive direction you are moving in and stick with it. Enabling your employees to set goals will help with their personal wellbeing and company success.