It is excellent to see this announcement from such a senior figure in business and from a firm that is no doubt top of many graduates lists of places to work (I certainly remember applying for a placement year!). 

The wording is particularly interesting as last year Deloitte's 'Mental health and employers, a refreshing case for investment' report found that presenteeism (not taking time away) costs a company 3.5 times the cost of absence i.e. people are present but less productive (page 15). 

Whilst presenteeism is a cost to the business there is also a significant cost to society as presenteeism is a contributor to mental ill-health. 

That said, there is a very fine balance to find as studies are also showing that there has been an increase in mental ill-health since more people have started to work from home. 

This demonstrates that there is no one size fits all and a personalised approach to mental health is important. The law firm Linklaters are a business who have been trying this through technology and individual wellbeing budgets, for example.