Two weeks ago I covered off stage 1 of the HSI process at Aon. This included the initial upfront assessment and report. 

In this blog I explore stage 2 which consists of a review of my report alongside one of our coaches and apply the findings to enhance my sustainability to life (quite a big statement!). 

The coaching session is designed to review and explore my individual overall resilience score followed by a pathway deep-dive, examining what is important to me from my HSI scores. The objective is to create an action plan to address and prioritise an area of focus to support my sustainability. 

There are 8 pathways that HSI measures your wellbeing, resilience and sustainability against. 

I thought I would start by defining coaching. I have taken the definition from Smither, 2011 "Executive Coaching is a one-to-one learning and development itnervention that uses a collaborative, reflective, goal focused relationship to achieve professional outcomes that are valued by the coachee".

The pathway that we focused on was Competency and Action. Scoring high here means that you are open to new ways of working that incrementally improve your productivity. Whilst there was room for improvement in my score I also felt that this would be very helpful to me in my role. Like most people's roles I am met with several different priorities and new tasks that involve new learning regularly. Particularly since joining Aon 4 months ago. 

I was hoping to find a way to incrementally improve my productivity when moving between tasks by not losing momentum, focus or time. 

During our discussion it occurred to me that I've always found visualising an outcome and the way to get there helpful. Whether this is taking on a running challenge or planning a presentation at work, I often find myself visualising the process and outcome. 

Through this we set the goal of creating a to-do list in the morning and a to-do list in the evening. Whilst adding to it and updating tasks as the day went on. 

This has since progressed to forecasting projected time to completion and grouping tasks together. 

My OneNote of notes I keep on my laptop mirrors a lot of this which has also helped with my learning. 

As an extension to this I have also started using The Balance Planner which helps me extend this list building and goal setting across my life more broadly.

What has the outcome been over a 2 week period?

1. I have stuck to this habit and a lot of this originally came from the accountability with Joe and not wanting to let him down! I feel like we are in a team.
2. I feel far more in control of what I am doing and what I can do in a day. Importantly I feel like I move more efficiently through tasks whilst feeling in a flow.
3. Less overwhelming moments.
4. A quantifiable way to measure the output of my action plan (10 minutes a day of list building has provided the above enhancements to my productivity)

Thanks to Joe Dixon for coaching me through this! 

In my final blog I will look at the impact of introduction a Whoop band into the process of driving my sustainability, wellbeing and resilience.